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Monday, October 15, 2007

Taking a Break.....

from blogging......not much of toy purchasing anyway.

Until the next blog then.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Play time.......

with the Revoltech EVAs. I couldn't help but took the miniatures out from the display shelf and started changing their pose and snapping some shots of them. The articulation is simply amazing and its limitation is up to ones imagination.

What you looking at? Snipe!
Bulls eye

Bent it like Keanu

Dodge this!

The Last Stand

Time to invest in a better camera and perhaps have a better 'studio' for my photo shoot. This toy collecting cum photo taking hobby seems to have taken a new dimension.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Size don't matter......

when it comes to photography. These two Revoltechs are a mere 4.5 inch tall but they look as good as their full size counterparts. This is Kaiyodo's new release, Revoltech Miniature. Well, it's just another marketing ploy to 'milk' us collectors.

Proto type 00

Test Type 01
This is just the beginning and there could be more to come.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Time out and.......

spent some time with purchases from some time ago.

Featuring Variable Fighter (better known as Valkyrie or Valk for short) VF-1A Low Visibility from 'Do You Remember Love' of Macross.

This is supposedly a limited edition production and the price for this piece is sky high; approximately 200% above its original price.

Variable Fighters are transformable and it comes in three modes. The Fighter mode (plane), the Gerwalk (Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-joint) and the Battleroid (robot mode)

Next up, we have the Super VF-1J with Fast Packs and it's piloted by the protagonist of the series, Hikaru Ichijyo in Macross, otherwise known as Rick Hunter in the Robotech series.

The Super VF-1J is featured in the animation series of the Super Dimension Fortress and is accompanied by the Super VF-1js of Max and Millia which I will feature the next time round.

These are manufactured by the Yamato group and they are of 1/48 scales. Highly detailed and are great display pieces with good articulation for great poses.

However, they can be very fragile and one wrong move could be disaster. Great caution must be exercised when handling them. Each valkyrie took me about 2 hours or so to transform, display and take pictures.

Well, although time consuming, it's all worth it. Did I mention I have 10 of these?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not too long......

before I have to go into gear 1 for my toy collecting hobby as the WISH is taking a big chunk of my monthly expenses.

Well, gain some, lose some. Until then, let the buying continue!

Damage 1
eHobby's BT18, Rijie (Mirage) Electro Disruptor Mode (Invisibility).
eHobby does exclusives and limited editions of Transformers and they normally are more (much more) expensive.

The signature packaging of an eHobby toy and out of packaging, robot mode

Pix credits to eHobby, Japan
eHobby credits me for buying their product.

Damage 2
Wonderfest Revoltech Evangelion Special Edition.
One of the lucky few in Singapore to own this set..........(at a huge price tag though)

Damage 3
Revoltech - Evangelion
These are exactly the same as those in the Wonderfest Edition above but at half the price.
The only difference is that the Wonderfest edition comes with additional translucent figures and did I already mention that they are EXCLUSIVE?
The weapon set

Proto Type 00 and Test Type 01

Damage 4
Bandai HCM Pro Evangelion Test Type 01 with 'G' equipment set

Future Damage for the coming week

Yamato's Macross Zero - 1/60 scale SV-51 (Ivanov Type)

Fighter mode (above and below)

Gerwalk mode (simply sexily evil looking)

I just pray hard that 2008 would be a year of less 'poisonous' toys like those above....or else I need to find means to support this compulsive obsession of help me GOD.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Wish came true but at a ........

price; not really a heavy one but significantly enough to knock some sense into.

Guess I was feeling the guilt of not heeding to advice rendered.

Was at a car showroom on 21th (one day away from the second COE bidding). The fear that COE will further increased due to the fact that it has been steadily climbing, I made the decision to confirm the purchase of the car.

I was at total disbelief the moment the COE result was announced at 4pm on the 22nd. It was a decreased of $1991 from $18001 to $16010. Well, I would still consider myself lucky cos the Cat A drop was the most drastic, a whopping $8883 (from $17001 to $8118)! Thank god I did not go with the Airwave.

Well, this is sort of a lesson for me to really pay attention to the advice given and especially when that someone constantly has a strong intuition about how things will turn out.......

Friday, August 17, 2007

A home away from home......

is where you place things which you have no space for at your actual home.

So, this is my office and these are my toys. By the way, it is not as if these are less important to me and that's why they are here. The main reason is I'm out of space at home and they actually came directly from the toy shop i.e. I did not take them home in the first place.

Cyber Units bought at the Takashimaya 10th Craziest Toy Sale in 2006.
Batman from various animation serious. Burger King Simpsons toys belongs to Freakazoid and they are definitely rare commodities.

Revoltechs out of their packaging. The complete Evangelion set in the first tier. Pat Labor and Getter1 in the second tier along with some Rockman candy toy and Microman Batman and Batgirl posing with Catwoman doing a kick.

This collection would be 5% of my collection. So where are the rest? Watch out for the subsequent entry.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Obession is when.......

you somehow run out of space.

I shall let the pictures do the explaining.
Collection of Gundam MSIA (Mobile Suits in Action). This collection dates back to as old as 1998.
The top shelf stands my favourites amongst the Gundam collection. They are under the Metal Material or Gundam Quality series because they are made of titanium.
Next, we have the AMSIA (Advance Mobile Suit in Action) and EMSIA (Extended Mobile Suit in Action). These are from the Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny series which is dated back to 2005.
Somemore MSIA and the bigger packages house the Gundam Fix Figuration.
Let's move on to the 'Transformers - More than Meets the Eye". Although there are some Revoltechs around (those in white framed boxes).
More Transformers!
The mighty Primus showing the way - "Go out and buy me a display case!"
Featuring Batmobiles! Both movie and animation editions. Oh, not forgetting Destroy Gundam under the HCM Pro (High Complete Models Progressive) lines and 'Blackout' from "Transformers"
Marvel Select's Spiderman and his enemies. 'Venom' would make this picture perfect......
NOTE: This is only 40% of my collection............5% actually spilled over to my office (reveal in the next coming entries).

Friday, August 10, 2007

The King and I.......

had a post National Day day out in the city today.

The King.......(Kona King Kikapu)
and I

The main purpose was to get these

For the uninitiated, these are the replicas of the Concept Camaro Bumblebee of the movie "THE TRANSFORMERS". This piece is distributed under TomyTakara (which is by the way better and slightly more costly) and the earlier Hasbro release was totally sold out and again they can be easily found on yahoo auction or ebay for a much higher price.

BTW, this time round I'm no scalper as the other piece was bought on behalf for a police officer.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happiness is when.....

you find what you didn't expect to find. Most importantly, CHEAP!!

Was at the 11th Craziest Toy Sale at Takashimaya for the ...........(couldn't remember how many times) and I found this pair of Kamen Masked Riders at $10 each! I grabbed them without any hesitation.

Then spent a couple of minutes taking pictures and sorting out my other collections so that I can display them.

Eventually, I placed them back into their packaging. Life......full of choices.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Becoming someone I dislike.......

may be something more real than I expected. It all began with my obsessive toy collecting hobby.

There is always something that is limited to the masses and to make matters worst, there are those unscrupulous merchants or other wise commonly known as Scalpers( )in the toy collecting community. What these people do is they will be the first to swipe every single item off the shelves. Then, the next moment, those things will be on sale either in their shops or online auction at ridiculous prices.

But today, I became a Scalper myself. I finally got my hands on the toy you see above (Transformers Alternators Ford GT Rodimus) and I decided I should buy two instead and sell it on yahoo to make some quick buck since this item is so HOT and the demand is so strong.

Well, guess that's what alteregoism is about. A hidden side just waiting to emerge.