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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last of the Double ... ...

I hope as I picked up what I supposed will be my last 2 purchases for this series.

I had wanted the FangJoker figure after seeing my son's. Did not noticed the difference when I first saw the promo pictures.

This is also one of the sets that came with many optional hands and thus, more poses can be done with them.

According to my son, the fangs are supposed to come out individually when called upon but I was too lazy and so, displayed all. Really not too much of a Kamen Rider fan.

Next up is the Lunar with Metal and Joker set. I was not too willing to get this because of the 'banana' hands.

Broke the V fin while fixing the arms onto the LunarMetal.

However, nothing glue can't do to get things fixed and then follow by some paint touch up. Well, I think I've reached a certain phase where my obsession is coming to a plateau.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not so Hot ... ...

a toy is my opinion for Hot Toys latest offering; 1/6 scale War Machine from Iron Man II.

I have been waiting for this release with great anticipation especially after seeing all the promo photos from Hot Toys. However, a sense of disappointment begun when I see the packaging.

Was hoping Hot Toys kept the same standard as what they did for Iron Man from the earlier releases. However, what I got is this mediocre standard slide box packaging.

Inside the outer cover is the inner box which houses the figure and all its accessories.

Nothing much to boast about the packaging as it is as plain as a grazing grass field.

Glad that Hot Toys reverted back to using the good old trusty plastic tray to hold everything.

Figure out of the box stands at approximately 30 cm and Hot Toys should really consider putting in a bit more heft into the legs or feet for a more stable product.

There are a total of 4 LED lighting points; the head, the chest and the palms. Thus, there are 11 button cell batteries to be removed if you do not want them to corrode within the figure. The Chest LED can be blinding while the eyes seem a little fade in comparison.

Detailed Gatling gun that is slidable 

Thruster boosters have flaps that can be closed at the back and the calf area 

A lot of details are put into this figure and perhaps this is the plus point for War Machine. Very nicely sculpt and I personally feel that this is more of a museum piece which looks good posing in a more docile pose.

The highlight of the figure has to be the hands. Full function in terms of articulation whereby you can get the fingers to do any poses. These pairs of hands made the other 2 sets redundant and the only time you need them is when you break this pair.  

The head sculpt of James Rupert Rhodes is 'ok' and the helmet gimmick is the same as Iron Man.

A Family Portrait of 3.75", 6" and finally 12"

Bottom line: Not a must have but good to have piece and I am contemplating on whether to carry on collecting Mark IV and V?

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Qan[T] get enough ... ...

of Gundam 00 and they keep evolving it by adding new plots and innovating new mechas. The latest is the GNT-0000 Gundam 00 Qan[T] from the movie "Awakening of the Trailblazer".

The weapon system is similar to all the 00s but somehow this figure looks unique and more formidable.

The GN drive has a make over and does not protrude out anymore

Articulation of the figure is as always fantastic.

Various mode of Qan[T] and the best has to be the GN Field which all the GN bits comes together like in a dragoon system.

Imagining Kabuto ... ...

to look slightly different from the series is what Super Imaginative Chogokin normally does as it gives the figure a dash of 'evil' feel.

Bandai designed the packaging using the hexagonal theme of the series.

This set allows it to be in 3 modes, Kabuto Rider form, Kabuto Hyper Form and Decade Kabuto.

Let's start with the rider form.

The signature "お母ちゃんが言っていた."

The above pictures show the series of weapons that Kabuto uses throughout the series.

Here, I assume this is the Decade hensin form of Kabuto. Decade is able to transform to any riders up to the Kabuto series.

Ok, back to Kabuto with it's hyper zecter that will allow it to clock up and transform to his ultimate Hyper form.

 Hyper Form!

Hyper form comes with the Perfect Zecter that is made up of combination of all zecters from other riders

Hyper form comes with the ability to perform clock up mode which allows Kabuto to manipulate time and space for a brief moment. He will also execute his finisher move "Flying Rider Kick"

In the packaging is the actual size Kabuto Zecter which can combine with the figure after some twisting here and there to form the zecter that was used in the hyper mode.