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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tired of waiting......

for the stocks of clone troopers to hit the shelves. Even if they do, I'm not one of those people whose work is probably to camp outside the toy's department.

Bought a set of markers and decided to experiment on some of the regular clone troopers and turn them into those that appeared in the series.

Here's Waxer, one of the 212th Attack Battalion under Commander Cody. I like the helmet's kill marks.

This is Boil, another clone under the 212th Attack Battalion

Both serves under the command of Obi-wan in the Battle of Ryloth.

Denal, serving under the elite 501st Legion under Captain Rex and fought alongside Anakin Skywalker.
Denal wore a custom helmet marked with the blue color scheme of the 501st Legion.
I did not exactly do a fantastic as the strokes were smudgy and I did not managed to draw some of the helmet marking well enough.

Monday, August 17, 2009


was the exact reaction I had when I saw the box (of course I did not say it out loud). To think that I actually wanted to lug this back from Hong Kong!!

Finally, after months or a year of waiting, it has landed into my house; THE TUMBLER. Batman's first Batmobile as in 'Batman Begin' and 'The Dark Knight'. I would label this as the Batman Begin version although the box indicated 'The Dark Knight' simply because there is no batpod inside (I've check).

To illustrate the size of this mammoth, see the tiny AA size battery on the right of the box?

Out of the carton box, the box art is decently attractive and the same AA battery is there for reference.

Hot Toys did a good job in the packaging making sure it is well protected with foam and bubble wrap.

The Tumbler's rear wheel with reference to the AA battery. The detail on this piece is simply amazing!!

Out of the styrofoam packaging but I shall leave it as it is; meaning I'm not assembling the spoilers or removing any wraps. I did not have the intention to open it as it is too massive for display. I did so having read a review by Michael Crawford which made me felt uneasy when one of the 10 led lights fail to light up.

Lucky for me, all 10 are working fine. Oh, did I not mention there's light? This is one of the selling point about the product that made me buy it. I did skip the batpod though.
Ok, back to the box it went and under the kitchen table. It shall have to wait until it sees daylight again.

Let there be LIGHT!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Getting the hang of.......

customisation. Had bought some clone troopers at a sale and decided that since I did such a 'good' job with 'Commander Wolf', I might try something else.

The basic trooper figure comes with a bazooka so I created the 1st Tactical Bazooka Squadron with a commander and two bazooka specialists.

The Commander with the squadron insignia on the chest and helmet

The men has a slightly different insignia on the chest and different colour coded uniform

1st Tactical Bazooka Squadron