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Monday, February 19, 2018

303 Toys Guan Yu 2.0 ... ...

After a long deliberation, I have in my possession, Guan Yu, 關羽, also known as 關雲長. 

This is version 2.0 which I was sold by the armor that came with this revision and I had mentioned earlier in 2014 when I reviewed Zhao Yun that I am not going to buy Guan Yu as I viewed him as a deity. However, 4 years on and I decided that Guan Yu makes a great companion for Zhao Yun.

Hot Toys Videogame Masterpiece Arkham Knight Batman VGM26 ... ...

I have to put it upfront that I am totally appalled by this figure but I will still talk about it.

I have been introduced to a very techie Batman by my son as I watched him played as the dark knight on his PS4. I was drawn to the Tony Stark inspired suit and the slew of tech Batsy has in his 'utility pouches'.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Blast from the Past with MTCD-03 Thunder Manus with Divine Armor (3rd Party Replica of Powermaster God Ginrai) ... ...

It has been quite a while since a transformable Optimus Prime figure could get me excited and Michael Bay's Prime kind of have been rather disappointing in the last couple of movies.

However, Maketoys (MT) have made me part my money with this and having a great experience with the Devastator replica by MT, I know I will get quality products for the Thunder Manus.

Astray (Metal Build) again in the Blue Frame ... ...

I have always been a fan of Gundam and the series that has my all time favourite mobile suits are the SEED series featuring the Astray Frames. I am particularly interested in 2 of the frames; red and blue frame.

Here we have the Blue Frame (again) which I possessed the MG 1/100 version backed in 2010.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hot Toys R2-D2: The Droid that was Forced to be Awakened ... ...

Like many Star Wars fans, I am drawn to R2-D2 (aka Artoo) for its eccentricity. However, it is a very unassumingly intelligent droid and that is probably how it survived all this while.

There had been couple of releases of Artoo in 1/6 scale but I have passed all of them until this one. Ironically, Hot Toys's version of Artoo is the simplest with the least number of accessories.

Mastermind Creations Nero Rex R20N Moritorus Enforcer Face-off!... ...

I was thrilled when I first got my hands on the Nero Rex as I had always wanted a Predaking and this rendition by Mastermind Creations is simply amazing.

One year later, Mastermind Creations released the Face Kit. I suspect it's more accurate representation of the Predacons or better known as Feralcons in the case of Nero Rex.