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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hot Toys Mark XLV Age of Ultron ... ...

Frankly speaking, I am growing tired of collecting all the suits Hot Toys or Marvel Iron Man has to offer. They are generally the same but somehow different. This is Mark XLV from Age of Ultron.

The escalating pricing of the Hot Toys product is also any deterring factor for my Iron Man suits fatigue.

Hot Toys Captain Phasma ... ...

When I first saw the character in the trailer, it didn't occur to me that this Captain is a she. However, her screen play was limited and she didn't quite impress in anyway except for her shiny chrome armor.

She is so shiny that my reflection is in every picture. This figure could have easily been mistaken for a diecast one. Hot Toys did a fantastic job with the chrome paint and now it will stand the test of time.