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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bandai DX Chogokin VF-27ɣ Lucifer (Update) ... ...

From the earlier post, I mentioned that this post is triggered by VF-29 and I just realized I posted the VF-27ɣ before (face-palm moment).

This is produced under Bandai's DX Chogokin line and there are diecast parts mostly in the joint. I mentioned that this is my last piece from Macross Frontier and the prices of the recent releases help me in staying true to that decision. My other Macross Frontier Valkyries are found

Macross Zero Yamato SV-51ɣ Ivanov Type ... ...

The world of Macross kept expanding and so does the toy line. What invoked this and the subsequent post is due to pre-order for new VFs (Variable Fighters) from the latest Macross Frontier Movie. What I have here is an old purchase which I had no time to post but I have and posted the SV-51ɣ Nora Type from Macross Zero.

"The SV-51 was the only Variable Fighter secretly developed by the Anti-U.N. forces. This top secret fighter was constructed with the use of alien OverTechnology obtained illicitly from the U.N. variable fighter development under undisclosed circumstances."

This is one of the weirdest looking Macross Valkyries I have and I like the Ivanov and the Nora Type for their peculiar design and that they reminds me of Maximillian Jenius and Millia Fallyna and their VF-1Js.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Medicom's Amazingly Miraculously MAFEX #004 (Amazing Spider Man) DX Set ... ....

My first Medicom Figure isn't a 1/6 scale RAH (Real Action Hero) but it's one of their newer offering in smaller 1/12 scale action figure dubbed as Miracle Action Figure. However, it's nothing but an overpriced action figure as I experienced it.

I was at many occasion tempted to get a 1/6 scale Spider Man from Hot Toys but really held on but this set seemed like a good alternative.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

threezero Titanfall Pilot ... ...

Following from the earlier post of the Atlas, this post will focus on the pilot.

This futuristic soldier is heavily armored and equipped to the max to carry out his mission. He is equipped with booster pack too for really awesome moves in the game and rodeo on the Titans of his choice.

At Last; Titanfall Atlas by threezero ... ...

The Atlas is an exoskeleton Titan from the Xbox One game titled Titanfall.

"Titanfall is a 2014 multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on March 11, 2014; an Xbox 360 version ported by Bluepoint Games was released April 8, 2014. The game was highly anticipated as the debut title from developers formerly behind the successful Call of Duty franchise.
In Titanfall, players control "pilots" and their mech-style Titans, and fight in six-on-six matches set in war-torn outer space colonies. The game is optimized for fast-paced, continual action, aided by wall-running abilities and populations of computer-controlled soldiers. Up to 50 characters can be active in a single game, and non-player activity is offloaded to Microsoft's cloud computing services to optimize local graphical performance. The game's development team began work on the title in 2011, and their Titan concept grew from a human-sized suit into a battle tank exoskeleton." 

I do not play the game but am sold by this mecha. There are currently 2 companies releasing this. There is the 12" scale version by Square Enix and there is the 20" threezero version which I have got my hands on.

There are a total of 3 Titans featured in the game and Atlas is the one that rules them all for its strength and mobility. This Titan comes complete with a pilot which I will feature more of in the subsequent post. This one will just be Atlas.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vexed by Sideshow Phase II Captain Rex ... ...

Sideshow really knows how to disappoint and with Disney's acquisition, there is no improvements at all.

This is Phase II version of Rex and I had the Phase I version back in 2011.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Part Deux Dam Toys Spade J (Memories Ver) ... ...

Following this morning's post, I've decided to strip J to see his tattoo.

Now, this is clearly a strong Chinese influence with Loyalty tattooed on his heart. Traditional Chinese triad believes very much in 義 which is loyalty. The symbol (義) has broad inner content, and includes values such as justice, honesty, loyalty and reliability.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hot Toys Mark XXXVIII, Igor has arrived ... ...

This was first thought to be Hulkbuster suit and it came in red in many of its earlier pictures before Iron Man III was released.

However, it's a big blue boy and it was nothing more than a heavy lifting suit that Tony needs around to build things and hold up falling containers.

Dam Toys Spade J (Memories Ver) ... ...

Dam Toys hasn't disappoint and it really lives up to its reputation with this quality product.

I've been following the releases under the Gangster Kingdom line by Dam Toys and every single one has been fantastically produced. However, I held on until Spade J (memories ver) for it's outfit and accessories.

Oritoy Acid Rain Bucks Team ... ...

Do you have that unsettled feeling of purchases made? Bob and Steel from Acid Rain under Oritoys just gave me that feeling. Ok... this shall be my last Acid Rain individual figure.

I will attribute that feeling due to the price of the figure. At $35 each is rather steep for a 3.75 inch.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ultra 10 years wait for Masterpiece 22 Ultra Magnus ... ...

Finally! Ultra Magnus looking like Ultra Magnus.

Together with Spike and Daniel
This certainly has been a dream come true as I was very unhappy with Masterpiece 2, Ultra Magnus released by Takara. MP2 was released in 2005, though die-cast, the trailer is made of cardboard and in the packaging, it serves as a tray to hold plastic blister pack of the toy. To get the trailer into shape, you will need to D.I.Y. which I d.i.d.n't bother.

Patience paid off and Takara Tomy made MP22 Ultra Magnus in 2014 and I got it in 2015. There was a third party company (Keith's Fantasy Club) that made the same item but probably due to licensing named it Citizen Stack but nothing beats the original.