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Monday, December 19, 2016

Hot Toys Dawn of Justice Armored Batman ... ...

Ben Affleck as Batman isn't something I was quite prepared for and I was ready to just let the whole Hot Toys franchise on Dawn of Justice to go pass me until I saw Armored Batman. I kinda hear Hot Toys asking my wallet 'Do you bleed?'

I guess it's that pairs of LED lit eyes that had me sold.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

King Arts Iron Man House Party Protocol's Mark XXII Hot Rod ... ...

Iron Man 3 has unleashed a frenzy release of all the 42 armors of Iron Man. However, Hot Toys's price has been going up north and I believe Mark XXII is an exclusive event item. Thank goodness, there is King Arts.

Everything is fine with this fella except for 2 issues, 1, the right shoulder of my piece seems off with the pegs sticking out too much and 2, King Arts got the forearm weapons wrong.

3rd Party Scorponok by Iron Factory (Lord Scorpion) ... ...

My first contact with Iron Factory, a 3rd Party Transformers maker. Reason why I got this is it reminds me of the G1 Headmaster Scorponok which I sold away years ago.

However, this in terms of size is pale in comparison to the original G1 toy which towers at around 13".