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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Universe Nemesis Prime....

is one evil looking Prime mainly because of its colour scheme. This is from the Universe or Henkei series where it is paying homage to Generattion 1 of Transformers.

Nemesis Prime was a created when Optimus Prime was scanned by the Decepticons and thus creating a robot that looks exactly like Prime but has an evil alterego; thus, Nemesis Prime.

Truck Mode


A couple of shots to feature the articulation of this figure

Fire power for this figure packs 2 "punches"
Sniper mode (self created, not official)

This figure comes with many articulation points and thus giving it a lot of dynamic poses. It is indeed a very well-made Prime. The series do come with other paint scheme, Optimus Prime (OP) and Ultra Magnus (UM) using the exact same mould.

Pictures I took from the net as I have not opened my OP an UM yet

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