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Monday, March 23, 2009

Gundam OO

Was on an official trip to Hong Kong last week and had the opportunity to drop by my favourite toy haunt. I was there hoping to pick up Hot Toy's Batmobile but it was not due for release yet. However, my nature of not having to leave there empty handed landed me the complete set of Gundam OO.

However, getting the complete set wasn't an easy task as they were not located at the same store.

OO-Raiser Trans-AM Set was my first purchase after deciding that I would like to complete the whole Gundam OO set. It was found at 'Animate'; a new store which I had not visited before but was glad that I made the trip as I found some very cheap Revoltechs on sale too. Got myself Rodimus and Starscream at a very very cheap bargain.

So, the hunt begun after the first purchase. Headed down to CTMA building opposite and got Arios Gundam with GN-Archer set for a steal.

Then it was to another shop to pick up Saravee and Seraphim Gundam set. Now with 3 of 5 GN Gundams in hand, I was hoping I could pick up OO and Cherudim back in Singapore.

Luck was on my side when I chanced upon OO Gundam and Cherudim at the airport just 1 hour before departure. However, I had to pay the 'airport price' for not purchasing this earlier when they were released.
I was really contemplating on getting the Gundams under this new release by Bandai as I felt that they have overpriced the items. Nonetheless, like most of my purchases, the anime just made it easier to make the decision to purchase.
Someone asked why am I obessed with these toys? My answer is that I want to own a piece of what I saw in the animation.
Just did a calculation and I actually spent $250 on them!! Ok, now that is expensive.

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