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Friday, November 12, 2010

Imagining Kabuto ... ...

to look slightly different from the series is what Super Imaginative Chogokin normally does as it gives the figure a dash of 'evil' feel.

Bandai designed the packaging using the hexagonal theme of the series.

This set allows it to be in 3 modes, Kabuto Rider form, Kabuto Hyper Form and Decade Kabuto.

Let's start with the rider form.

The signature "お母ちゃんが言っていた."

The above pictures show the series of weapons that Kabuto uses throughout the series.

Here, I assume this is the Decade hensin form of Kabuto. Decade is able to transform to any riders up to the Kabuto series.

Ok, back to Kabuto with it's hyper zecter that will allow it to clock up and transform to his ultimate Hyper form.

 Hyper Form!

Hyper form comes with the Perfect Zecter that is made up of combination of all zecters from other riders

Hyper form comes with the ability to perform clock up mode which allows Kabuto to manipulate time and space for a brief moment. He will also execute his finisher move "Flying Rider Kick"

In the packaging is the actual size Kabuto Zecter which can combine with the figure after some twisting here and there to form the zecter that was used in the hyper mode.

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