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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Iron Man Mark FiVe Strikes ... ...

I'm back after a period of absence as I was sorting out the move and getting things organized. Bought this figure a couple of months back.

This is one of those unintended purchase as I initially did not want this to be part of my collection. After a few more re-runs of Iron Man 2 and the Monte Carlo scene nailed the decision for the purchase.

Well, since this is Hot Toys and there's not much disappointment in terms of the quality of the figure. Articulation as usual is the only fault if I really need to pick one.

This particular release came with the battle scars and it will go well with whiplash in a fight scene. Interchangeable chest plates and a detachable left battle damaged arm gave this figure some character.

 Close up of the damaged chest plate and the detailing by Hot Toys is as usual impeccable.

 Here's the left arm removed and getting ready for the showroom version of Mark V.

Thumbs up to a spanking showroom shine of the armor. I've left the suitcase out as it will be ridiculous since the suit is out of the case.

 The back of the suit is as fantastic and detailed as the front and this is indeed a very nice display piece to own.

Hot Toys did include more mobility in the chest area with more moveable plates but I'm not ready to max out its threshold as this is my only piece.

All in all, this is a great piece to have and I'm really glad I made the right choice.

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