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Monday, November 19, 2012

Suit-up My Mark IV Gantry ... ...

Hot Toys has done it yet again with another quality product in terms of both engineering and movie detail precision.

The are 2 versions to this release
1. Suit-up Gantry + Limited Edition Mark IV and Mechanical Arm (Stark's first science project)
2. Suit-Up Gantry

I bought the latter; just the suit-up gantry because I already owned a Mark IV.

Let's begin with the packaging which is simple and functional, not to forget neatly wrapped up too.

The graphics are kept to the minimum and classy. Open up the lid and you find a nicely cut-out "Suit-Up Gantry" before the main course.

Every part and instruction sheet of the set shown above and boy am I excited when I realised the battery compartment at the bottom of the base. Turned it on and yellow lights have never looked so enchanting; perhaps I'm exposed to white LED for too long.

Clever use of magnets to allow for home base or expo base option.

Very nice indeed and time to pour everything out for assembly as the parts fall in.

Putting them together was simpler than I had imagined and following pictures elaborate on the details.

Actual working pneumatic pistons and running cables with very intricate details and parts made this truly a work of art.

The earlier release of Mark IV does not have the magnetic parts as shown in the instruction manual but this is just a piece of cake which 2 button cells will solve. See picture below.

Show time! Mark IV enters the Expo from the sky and the gantry deployed its arms to remove the armor revealing Tony 'Stuck' no more!

Simply Love Hot Toys!

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