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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Retaliate with Snake Eyes ... ...

I am not exactly a G.I. Joe fan but have my fair share of exposure when I was a kid. Well, the usual story is that I'm never fortunate enough to own any G.I. Joe vehicle while the figures back then didn't quite appeal to me.

The recent Joe movies rekindle this liking for the Joes and in particular, the ninjas. This will be my first from Retaliation and it's licensed under Hot Toys; the protagonist, Snake Eyes.

I was sold when I saw the promo pictures released by Hot Toys but do expect there are limitations when it comes to the lower torso of the figure. However, I know I must get this.

Packaging is no surprise as all Hot Toys offerings now but the images of Snake Eyes and the color theme selected is well executed.

There is this bare essential feel to the number of things in the packaging with everything laid out.

I applaud Hot Toys for it's effort in the details of Snake Eye's suit and that a lot of attention has been put in to this production.

As mentioned earlier, do not expect dynamic poses with this guy and his pants is as tight as his lips.

Bottom line is get this!! For the fact that this is by Hot Toys and G.I. Joe is 80s iconic pop and with improvement in CGI technology, us, the 70s children can relive our 'deprived' childhood. Well, I probably am referring to myself.


Unknown said...

I already have the Sideshow version, but very tempted to get this Hot Toys version as well!

Jonloh said...

Kelvin, trust me, this version is way much 'kick ass' than the sideshow version.

deSMOnd said...

i agree with you did movie version and the figure is well produced...