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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April's Random Buys ... ...

Bought a few stuff this April and here they are ...

 This is 1:6 scale tactical boots from ACI. Perfect replacement boots that's flaking.

1:6 scale Mark XXX (Blue Steel) bust from Hot Toys. 

Eyes and RT chest lights up but head does not rotate. The battery is located in the base of the bust.

Next, are the little Iron Man suits from the Sheng Yuan Toys which are bootleg Lego products. What we have here (see picture above) from top left Night Club, Rescue, Red Snapper, Mark V, Silver Centurion, Shotgun, Mark II and Gemini.

Rescue (Pepper Potts's suit) and Mark II

Gemini, Night Club and Silver Centurion

Mark II, Shotgun and Gemini

Silver Centurion, Red Snapper and Mark V

Unmasked the suits and the first one reveals Pepper Potts with Tony for the rest. This is by far the best Iron Man bootleg products. Others included ĺ°†Lele and IQ which were featured here.

Each figure comes with a base, display base and robotic arm or gantry arm but only the Mark II needed it.

Pictures below will show the back of the figure and this bootleg China company really put in effort to produce good products.

Well, it's buy at your own risk...

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