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Monday, July 7, 2014

USSOCOM is So Very Hot ... ...

I really need to stop buying 12' military figures but can they stop making such good stuff!!

I find this hard to resist because I don't have any soldier in a diver suit and Very Hot did a great job in publicizing this fellow with good promo pics.

Allow me to give Stathom a break here as he chills out on a weekend before he kit up.

Ok, before I confuse anyone or mislead you guys thinking this is from Very Hot. This is actually a kitbash from MC Toys (top and underwear), Very Cool Caucasian body and Head Play's Jason (this is one of my most played head). Come to think of it. Jason is my top man in terms of movie characters collected.

Jason decided to try out a newly purchased weapon. the MK20 sniper support rifle from Easy and Simple.

It came with some stickers to be applied which I find it strange and unnecessary.

Completed the rifle and as I commented that this is a very cool weapon and snapped the shot; my son did a "photo bomb".

Jason can't wait to test out the rifle.

Cut a few foams and weapon goes back into the packaging.

All right, let's move on the the main event and that is the Very Hot's version of USSOCOM (United States Special Operations COMmand) Navy Seals UDT (Underwater Demolition Team). I understand that way before I plunged into this genre of collection and way before Dark Knight and Iron Man, Hot Toys concentrated on 12" military figures and this has been done then.

I have no problem buying a Very Hot product as I have tried and tested many of their kits, however, this is the first for me that it came with a body. Looks like the 1/6 scale market is heating up...

I love the no frill packaging but of course, one tends to worry if something isn't packed inside or that the zipped lock bags ain't lock. In anyway, I took my chances and to my delight, I have everything this time.

I had to do a comparison between the Weekend Stathom and the UDT Seals Stathom and I noticed that the head sculpt used by Very Hot is the same as the Belet one as posted here before.Nonetheless, both heads do distinctly look like Jason.

However, looking at the whole body as a whole, I do think that the Very Hot head is a tad too small...

Let's take a look at the diving suit and don't expect the exact material and instead this is a fabric type. It is a one piece suit and it can be tricky working with the head. 

In Very Hot traditions, they throw in everything in their kit and this is no exception but I also understand that Hot Toy's version had quite a handful of stuff as well. Well, enjoy the kitting process which I again underestimated the time I needed.

Ok, at this point, I'm almost done but the head gear and LAR rebreather were a challenge for me.

The goggle presented some issues too. The lens were not done properly and it came out with a slight squeeze on the sides of the goggle. I had to glue it on and I probably applied too much and so I get the frosted effect. 

The LAR Rebreather is really tough as the straps are too short and there is no other options but to remove and slot them back in again. Slotting in is another huge challenge working with very small item and almost no allowance in between the loop and rebreather.

I like the details put in as seen above on the rebreather. There is a serialized metal plate that states this is 'US Navy Proper'. Probably ran out of space for 'ty' 

Some other shots to show off the details on this guy.

Ok, Finally, I have everything on him and the NVG is another very tough item to put on to get it right.

All set and ready to go.

Indeed, this guy looks really menacing and It's another item I'm glad I have it.

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