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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hot Toys Alert! Black Widow from Captain America: The WinterSoldier ... ...

This version of Black Widow isn't the first from Hot Toys and I haven't been impressed till now. However, the head sculpt seems a bit off comparing to those from the promo pics from Hot Toys.

The earlier releases were from Iron Man 2 with her curly hair and The Avengers with short hair but I think I prefer this rebonded hair version. I learned from the instruction manual that Hot Toys have already applied gel on her hair.

So, who is Black Widow? Read here to find out.

Ok, now you know who she is, here's the packaging she comes in. Simplistic and no hassle.

And you'll soon realised what's featured here is somehow slightly different from the real thing below this insert.

Accessories included 2 Glock 19 with removable magazine and spring loaded recoil action. Below is a touch screen mobile device stated as a phone by Hot Toys.

The figure comes with a very nice articulated body but mine came with a rather loose right bicep joint which kept coming off. There isn't quite a possibility to rectify it as the suit is really tight fitting so removing the suit may cause more damage.

Isn't quite the Scarlett Johansson I was looking for but they got the mole and the hair right. I would have preferred more optional hands to at least pose like what's on the box.

The articulation of the body is really pretty good if not restricted by the suit.

She can even perform a split but the tightness of the suit will retract the legs back.

Black Widow is trained in unarmed combat which is complemented by her Widow's Bite Bracelets.

Widow's Bite all charged up and ready to deliver the deadly blow.

Actions over and zipped up as distraction was part of the tactics used.

 She is still in stock for the moment but as of previous releases, there would not be many left as we speak.


deSMOnd said...

I like the hair style as well.

Jonloh said...

Yes Des. Much better than Selina's