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Monday, July 27, 2015

Hot Toys Mark XLI Bones ... ...

is yet another suit from the House Party Protocol. To me, this is like a half-baked XLII, however, the cool factor of Bones is super Hot!

This is the first autonomous prehensile propulsion system Tony created prior to the Mark XLII. Although it had but a few minutes in the movie, I know I need to have it eternally (metaphorically speaking).

Packaging is the regular House Party version and as all suits that Tony did not don, there is no Tony in helmet accessory.

Figure out of the box is very wow. The details are simply mind-blowing and the color scheme is really breathtaking.

Putting in the batteries is another torture and I made it a longer than necessary process by not getting the tweezer from the beginning.

The elbow has an extension options and yes, reading the instruction manuals of Hot Toys is essential to know such things.

The forearm LED battery compartment is slightly different from previous releases and it's rather smartly done.

The details as mentioned earlier is amazing on this figure and the Mark II unleashed (which I don't have) is nothing close to this. The following pictures will feature the finer details of Bones.

The sticker sheet came as a bit of a surprise as I do not expect Hot Toys to go down this path. Since, it came with 2 sets, I used one set for the shoulders and the thighs. 

Due to the parts being held together by magnets, this means there is limitation to what poses you want to achieve risking the possibility of breaking something. I chose the conservative poses since I have the tendency to break my toys.

Word of advice; set the limbs to the desired poses or position before connecting them to the main torso.

Yes, Bones, in the movie flew in, looked at the Extremis and said, "Gentlemen" and split into various parts to take them out.

Hot Toys added that movie moment with the use of a display stand and flexible arms to hold the limbs. They even threw in the flame effects, this is a first for many of such gimmicks in the coming suits.

Hot Toys may probably just dropped a hint for a possible Iron Spider Armor Suit since Civil War is upon us.

This is one of those hot House Party Protocol suits that's really sought after and it's probably sold-out everywhere. Good luck to those who didn't pre-order in getting your hands on Bones.


deSMOnd said...

Awesome piece..lots of fine details on the body :P

Jonloh said...

Indeed Des, Hope you got yours.