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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Play Arts Kai Boba Fett ... ...

This is probably how Boba should really look like; more like the ruthless bounty hunter portrayed in Star Wars.

The planet in the picture of the packaging window is probably Kamino; birth place of Boba.

Accessories here included flame throwing gauntlet with flame effect, stand to hold the flame (rather redundant), 4 extra hands, rocket booster effect, EE-3 mark 1 carbine blaster, daggers and blaster pistol.

The true essentials of Boba isn't overlooked here and Play Arts Kai indeed pay homage to how the original Boba is like and made it even better.

Every detail on this figure is simply amazing and if only this is a larger scale.

The flame thrower effect is impeccable and the stand provided is indeed unnecessary.

Ok, the rocket on the jet pack seems rather awkward and this is due to the packaging. Hot water treatment should do the trick but I intend to have it back it the box so, I will leave it as it is.

Again, I have to credit my son for initiating this signature pose of Boba.

The booster flame effect is well-done too; giving the flight feel.

A hot yet cool figure to own. This is a must for all Boba fan and regardless you like the original movie version or not; this in my opinion is a must have!


deSMOnd said...

This is definitely a very nice series for collection. I didn't get this as do not have much $ left after getting 1/6 scale figures...

Jonloh said...

Understand. Especially with baby Seth... this hobby can be tough.