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Monday, December 14, 2009

My Wife got me a Girl Friend ... ...

for my birthday! Well, at least that's what the shutterbugs are calling it. The Panasonic Lumix GF1.

Finally after months of waiting, it has arrived and now the headaches begins as I need to 'learn' using it effectively to take good pictures.

I could have gotten it much earlier if I just pick one up at any electronic department, Courts or Harvey Norman. However, I chose to wait out as I want a dual lens kit with both the 20mm pancake lens and 14-45 zoom lens.

It was a long wait as I was told that this kit is facing shortage worldwide due to the fact that Panasonic uses third party manufacturer to put this together.

Anyway, here it is and out of the box and I have the color which I wanted. RED! To my surprise, it is red all around the body. Sexy!

This feels heavy because it's metallic and it has this old school kind of look but the red makes it modern.

View from the top. Nice touch of Panasonic to have a cover to enclose the hot shoe when not in use.

This birthday sort of came with a theme as friends bought me photography related items as well like this RED and LOUD Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home camera bag (at my request though)

They have even included a shoulder strap from Crumpler too; The Industry Disgrace. I had a hard time squeezing this into the slots of the GF1. It took me a good 1 hour and sustained both injury on my fingers and the camera in the process of doing so.... .... Fingers can heal but a scratch is a scratch. Well, at least it is now unique.

Another present from another good friend of mine and his wife. So no excuse to take bad pictures with all these gears.; I hope.


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