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Friday, December 25, 2009

On the First Day of Christmas ... ...

I decided to open up some troopers which I had been keeping them for some time.

The ARF trooper, an elite scout force of the republic senate led by Jedi General Windu.

This particular figure comes with pretty good articulation.

"I know kung fu!"

The figure here is Commander Gree who leads the 41st Elite Corps under the command of Jedi General Yoda. This is the animation version which is very different from the movie version from my earlier post.

"What are you staring at?"

Here he is with a heavy machine gun and this is borrowed from one of the 41st Elite Corps troopers as Gree was issued a bazooka.

Gree with his helmet off, the haircut is a little too weird for me.

Thus, the helmet stays on.

Lastly, I opened up a Sandtrooper from the Legacy Collection which this guy appeared in Episode IV "A New Hope".

One last shot with everyone encapsulated in my customised container with their poses 'immortalised'; well at least in this picture they are.


LEon said...

Nice troopers. Where did you get those customized casing? Daiso?

Jonloh said...

Those are not customised casing. It is the case of a air refresher which is easily purchased at NTUC.