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Friday, August 17, 2012

Fett Up Boba ... ...

but since he is released again under Sideshow and this has to be one of the best production; at least for me

Packaging is as what you get for all Sideshow but I like how Sideshow categorize this genre as "Scums and Villainy". I presume Boba here is a Villain.

This again like all Sideshow figures come packed with accessories and loads of hands and an additional set of feet.
  • Highly detailed Mandolorian Boba Fett helmet
  • Fabric Flight Suit
  • Flight Suit Vest
  • Mandolorian Duraplast Body Armor Plates
  • Cape
  • Belt with four (4) utility pouches
  • Braided honor sash
  • Blaster Pistol Holster
  • Blaster Pistol
  • EE-3 mark 1 Carbine Blaster
  • One (1) pair knee pads
  • Survival Knife
  • Sonic Beam Weapon
  • Anti-Security Blade
  • Rocket Pack Adjustment Tool
  • Detailed Gauntlets
  • Three (3) braided wookiee scalps
  • One (1) pair gloved fists
  • One (1) right gloved trigger hand
  • One (1) left gloved tight trigger hand
  • One (1) right gloved single point hand
  • One (1) right gloved double point hand
  • One (1) right gloved thumbs up hand
  • One (1) pair gloved large C grip hands
  • One (1) left gloved small C grip hand
  • One (1) right gloved cupped hand
  • One (1) pair standing boots
  • One (1) pair action boots
  • Rocket Pack with concussion missile
  • Deluxe Illuminated Display Base

This guys is screaming with details. Everything about Boba reminds me of Iron Man Mark I. Tony is probably inspired by the Mandolorian.

I am most impressed by the details of the EE-3 Mark I Carbine Blaster and all the other insignia that is printed with great detailing and texture on the suit.

Holster for the blaster pistol has a magnetic attachment ease keeping the pistol in place.

The figure has so much details that it looks good from any angle.

This set even came with a stand which lights up! I'm fan of things that light up and this is a sure fun factor for this figure. However, they put in alkaline batteries which is a big "NO". Collectors beware, open up your toy!!


The hue emitted from the lit up base is fascinating and it complements the figure perfectly. 

Therefore, Boba goes into the "Figure of the Moment" case...

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