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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Viral Factor ... ...

could just be the reason to explain my absence and my reappearance.

Have been really caught up with work lately and it takes Jay Chou to get me to revive an entry.

This is a 12" figure of Jay as Man Fei in a 2012 block buster Viral Factor and is licensed under Dragon Models. I'm not a fan of Jay but I'm just drawn to this simple field agent outfit with a Asian face.

I'll dive straight into the figure as the coffin like packaging needs little emphasis. Figure comes nicely clothed with black t-shirt, black biker style leather jacket, pants, knee pads, belts and combat boots. Additional items assault vest with 3 pouches to house the radio and magazines, MK18, display stand, extra open hands and an ID tag.

Slapping the kit on has been a breeze and I have actually stop this genre of figure as it is too time consuming working the pouches and accessories with a tweezer.

I shall not debate about the likeness of the head sculpt but this will do fine for me.

Overall, this is a good figure with enough accessories for a field agent. Perhaps, a sidearm will be great.

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