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Sunday, September 23, 2012

On your Mark ... ...

Set for version 2.0 of Iron Man Mark I

This is version 2.0 and no, I did not buy the earlier release thinking it's ulgy. I still do. So, why did I buy it? The value of version 1 went up as high as $1000 in the open market but profiteering from this is not my intention. If so, I wouldn't have opened it.

Packaging is rather standardise for all Iron Man figures under Hot Toys. Nothing extraordinary or wow about.

I was surprised to find twist ties in this release as I've never encountered any with Hot Toys. I was yanking hard to get him out when it dawned on me that he could have been secured by something. Well, that was a close shave.

This figure is really detail to the max and the pictures show how much work has been put in to bring out a movie masterpiece.


Lighting gimmicks is minimal here and there are only 2; one for the arc reactor and a red ignition indicator for the forearm missile which I did not realize it being there!!! Will have to retake some shots.

A diorama type display base and that is a nice touch, however, I feel that something is missing from the release. I remember a missile on one of this arms, or am I wrong? My Bad.....that's for rushing the job.

One more gimmick which Hot Toys threw in for this version is the flame thrower effect which in my opinion is pathetic as to get it into this position has been a painful process.

The arc reactor also decided to time-out here. It will simply light up for a while and goes off... Well, not an issue as I'm taking the batteries out.

Welcome home Mark I


Hoky said...

You didn't really mention the reason why you eventually bought Mark I; to complete the collection...;)

Jonloh said...

Collect'em all!