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Friday, September 7, 2012

Superman Returns ... ...

as Christopher Reeves of the original Movie version by Hot Toys. Not exactly a Superman fan but this has to be one of the finest replica of Kal-El

The commemorative version comes in a fantastically designed packaging which makes it impossible to be disposed of.

The figure is authentic enough and the material of the suit is right though I think it's really dated. Hey, it's the original Superman costume Reeves wore. Since I had him in storage for some time, some damage has been done to the figure. depression marks on neck created by a plastic cover on it. The boots seems sticky; sort of same kind of leak from the Dark Knight's suit.

The eyes are another issue I have with this release. I paid a good sum of money and there is not PERS!! 

Articulation is fantastic because the costume is 100% polyester.... lots of breathing space down there. This body is not the really Truetype male body but an enhanced muscular Truetype male body.

A nice touch to the display stand mimicking the Fortress of Solitude but hey some LED lights will be cool.

Well, this is more of a piece to remind me of my childhood when Superman was the only comic character that made it to the big screen and Christopher Reeves; the Man of Steel who will always be remembered as the greatest actor to ever played Superman.

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