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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Resident Evil ... ...

Afterlife Alice from Hot Toys. Another figure which I purchase from the sale at TFH.

I'm just glad I paid a very attractive price for this very attractive figure and I have to add that this is my first 12" female figure which originally should have been Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises.

Hot Toys didn't really do a great job here in the terms of articulation where none of the weapons could be reached due to limitation in movement.

I love the odachi blade which is metallic and that is a nice touch.

The double barrel shotgun comes with removable shells which see very use here but it's appreciated.

A pair of MP5K does the trick in putting loads of holes in the zombies.

The kukri knives will come in handy when slicing off the heads of the zombies in close combat situations.

Lastly is the revolver with her winter jacket when Alice flew to Alaska. She is seen here armed with the last set of weapon; the revolver.

The likeness of Milla Jovovich is pretty nicely done here with a generous spread of arsenal to kick zombie butt.


deSMOnd said...

bro, thanks for your review..i have this figure but no choice to skip reviewing due to busy work load at that time..

Jonloh said...

Know exactly what you mean Des...I simply stole time but having lesser sleep. Crazy things we do for our hobby.

Unknown said...

Hi guys!

this figure is much better than the baby doll of sucker punch, I f**ing hate that figure.

this one has really cool weapons

Thanks for the pics man!