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Sunday, September 15, 2013

30 Years of Macross ... ...

Well, I have said that I have one Macross too many and I've indeed payback what I've lost as a child. However, I have to get this!!

Arcadia's VF-1J celebrating Macross's 30th Anniversary. Arcadia is actually the former Yamato and with this change in name, the prices always changed for the better for the company.

Nothing has changed in terms of packaging, feel and transformation for this except for the fact this is an anniversary piece.

Most of the design is tempo printed but not exactly like the one on the cover.

Flipping through the instruction manual and there are some improvement made from my last Yamato Macross and I will experience it if I have time to take it out again.

I am not applying any of the labels and it's interesting to note there are 2 sets provided. One set is the regular decal while the other is the water slide type which you see in model kit where water is required to separate the decal from the decal sheet. I will prefer the latter if I am to start applying the decals.

Until the next time, I'm leaving it in fighter mode.

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