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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Very Hot SWAT 2.0 ... ...

This item is so hot it took me some time before I pen this entry.

Very Hot has always produce good kit sets and this SWAT2.0 simply had me sold but the tough part is to get a good body to kit it.

I settled for Worldbox AT-001 with head sculpt.

I have to truncate the body as it came with a penis and I doubt it will do well with the general public. The head sculpt here is Jon Bernthal, better known as Shane Walsh from the Walking Dead series.

 Let's kit Jon up here and it's clearly the physique for this outfit.

Really like this gas mask that came with the set but I will probably leave it in the carrier pouch which is at the left butt cheek as seen above.

Very Hot SWAT2.0 comes with everything you see and more that you don't. Get it now at TFH*

*Disclaimer: No commission is awarded to blogger for this post

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