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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Acid Rain Again ... ...

I have to do a repost as mentioned in the previous post as these guys are simply amazing.

In the Speeder MK II, you will find a sheet comprises of envelopes, personal letters, newspaper, document envelopes and even photos of family members or girlfriends in black and white. All these are uncut and you'll need some work to make them work for you.

Given the size of the many other small parts, this series up a year in terms of appropriate years to 16.

I decided to do a bit of customization to distinguish the lot. I'm doing it to 3 out of the 4 that I have.

From left, Lieutenant Ace, Captain (Commander) Polaris and Lance Corporal Armstrong. 

Other than ranks on their left shoulder, I have made their helmets unique too. Kill count for Armstrong, Black trimming for Polaris and Spade for Ace.

I've also chosen a picture of a mother and her newborn child to be stuck on the top blast shield as most pilot do when on mission. The hope of going home to their loved ones.

The following will feature some of the details the instruction manuals left out on the Speeder. Sad to say, Stronghold has lesser playability as compared to the Speeder.

ACE: Armstrong! Get the spade and start digging.

ACE: Over there, start!

Private Ryan joins in the work with a pick axe from the Speeder.

Polaris: Ace, no need to stand here and look at the boys work. Go check the ammo level and get me the papers.

Armstrong: hehehe
Ryan: ... ...

This is another detail left out. The shell chamber can be removed and there are actually shells in it!

The cases at the sides can be opened too and here you can place any of the items I mentioned right at the start in them. Ace here is accessing the mission envelope.

Of course, Ace remembered to pass the newspaper to Captain Polaris.

I missed out this pedestal which enable the Speeder to take on a passenger both in vechile mode and batteroid mode (gonna use Macross jargon here)

After digging, Armstrong here stretching to relax.

Bed time for all and Ace here is simply enjoying bossing people around.

All right, that's about it and you can tell how much fun I had with these fellows. Oritoy! What's next?

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