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Monday, March 3, 2014

Attack On Titan - Mikasa Ackerman ... ...

was literally 'attacked' by Titan (aka Me). Here's the story

This figure by Figma is so gorgeous that I had to pose it at the ledge of the balcony and I do know the potential hazard but I went ahead.

Tragic struck right after the picture above as Mikasa plummeted 28 floor down to the ground after I lowered the blind behind the railing as I didn't want the clutter to be seen in the picture.

The miraculous thing that happened was I managed to picked up almost everything although she was in pieces. The only piece I couldn't find is the peg on the 3D maneuver gear. To be specific it's the compression gas and blade compartment.

Figma is considered one of those premium action figure company that produces supreme quality figure and they do.

Today, we have Mikasa Ackerman, one of the protagonists in the anime "Attack on Titan" which is a story of an altered dimension where giant humanoids attacks on smaller size humans such as Mikasa and devours them alive. To fight back, there is a special military outfit known as the Survey Corps that dons the 3D maneuver gears to attack on the titans and kill them. 

The insignia of the Survey Corp is the Wings of Freedom that's on the jacket.

Mikasa gearing up and ready to battle.

The Survey Corp salute

Figure comes with a interchangeable collar and scarf. Remove the collar and put on the scarf together with the cape give Mikasa the melancholic look which she carries in the initiate part of the show due to her tragic past.

I was really feeling adventurous today and decided to pose her in a very precarious position.

And the expected happened. I rushed down to the car park and managed to find almost everything but she was badly damaged.

The most critical damage has to be the upper torso and lower torso joint which was beyond conventional repair. Drastic measures need to be done like heating up a needle and piercing it through to joint the breakage together.

The broken wrist joint was used to substitute the missing piece for the 3D maneuver gear. It was really strange that I had to use the replacement wrist joint provided as I questioned the need of it when I first saw it before all these happened; things do happened for a reason.

I had to color it black else it will be obvious in terms of the contrasting color between the left and the right as seen below.

Assessing the damage and I realised the impact on on the right side of the body with the head landed on the ground first then the arm, thus broken and after applying glue, the elbow movement is gone.

The picture below shows all the accessories that is included in this set. I was waiting for the glue to cure at that moment.

So, the following pictures are the repaired figure and this is where I applaud Figma for such a good product that survived a 28 floor plunge. Maybe Mikasa deployed her 3D maneuver gear on the way down.

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