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Monday, November 24, 2014

Acid Rain MK I Raptor ... ...

I know the price of this indie toy company is on the high side but somehow this AT-RT design knock off appeals to me.

I could say here that this will be my last from Acid Rain of Oritoy but who am I kidding?
I have been amazed so far by the few releases which can be read

Each Raptor comes individually packed and pull it out of the carton box, you get the same-old packaging from the previous offerings.

One of the reasons I got sold is the skull design on the mask of the rider but, the actual figure disappoints.

I'll skip explaining the hole in the box part and go straight into the figure and the Raptor.

This is indeed a All Terrain, Reconnaissance Transport, except that it transport so I covers all terrains at a faster rate. The skull outline is more visible through the lens of the camera. 

Let's talk about the Raptor first and it is in a quad bike mode armed only with a 3 barrel gattling gun. It looks like there is a headlight above the gattling gun.

Similar weathering effect has been applied to this Marine 303 version and it even comes with a cloth material blanket for our rider to camp overnight.

Some details like the skull application is clear enough to be noticed.

Next, we talk about the figure and it's a 3.75 scale figure and yes, slight difference from the earlier release. Oritoy recently also started releasing Bucks Team individual figures and at $35 each, I'm giving it some serious thought.

Something different here is the neck connector and it is important as he needs to really be able to look forward when mounted on the bike.

Other important aspect is to provide a credible mounted position and the articulation on the figure gives you full range of movement to get the position right.

Transformation is a no brainer and it's done in seconds.

The instruction manuals if you need is the one with the poster of the squandrons of Raptors in action.

The gattling gun also offers a lot of movement. It swivels to the sides, tilts up-down and the barrel rotates. 

After a long hard day, perhaps, it's time to see the rest of the polluted world better ... ...

I'm glad this is 3.75 as I wouldn't have gotten it should it be any bigger.  

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