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Friday, December 5, 2014

1:1 Scale Beats Studio Wireless (This is not a toy) ... ...

There's definitely a geek in me for the things that interest me. There are a few things that I really like and sound is one of those.

Finally, I landed myself an original Beats Studio and this comes without the wires or did it?
This is actually my birthday present from my wife and this certainly came with a hefty price tag and it's about 2 regular Hot Toys Iron Man combined.

The box is indeed a work of art and Apple kept to the original touch as how Dr Dre has packaged it since Monster days.

Here's paying homage to Dr Dre for his contribution to the origins of this overpriced, under performance headphones. So, why do I still get it? I'm not too much of an audiophile but I certainly like the styles.

The wireless (bluetooth) version is certainly new and is currently a flagship of the Beats line. The earlier wireless version was the Solo version and it's an on-ear type which I do not exactly favor.

The packaging is layer after layer of surprises and details which you will take time to admire and appreciate.

Clearly, Beats knows how to market their product with catchy punchlines and a very nicely remastered case which is far better looking than the previous wired Studio.

Definitely a new look and with Dr Dre's signature.

The last layer contains the instruction sheets, sticker, cleaning cloth and some promotional items.

Although wireless, it does come with firstly cable for charging with a nice customized plug. There are 2 other wires should you choose to conserve the power with the control talk or regular audio cable. Beats claims 12 hours of listening wirelessly and 20 hours of wired listening pleasure.

Let's move to the main event and pull down the zip to reveal the stunning Beats Studio. As a loud person, I have to choose red and to save on some moola, "I got this at Changi!"

The cups are made of better materials and I have a feeling it's leather. The mini-USB charging slot and the audio cable slot is shown below and the LED power indicator.

Thankie my Wiffy for this wonderful gift!! I really love it!

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