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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dam Toys! Baron, Spade V ... ...

This fits all my criteria for an ideal 1/6 scale figure and one of those is sniper rifle. Of course the cool aura that surrounds this item made me pre order the moment it's available.

Spade V, Baron is the latest to be released under Dam Toys' Gangster Kingdom and this is my second piece following Spade J.
Like Spade J, Spade V came nicely heat wrapped and in a very nicely designed packaging. The cover of the packaging too has a background of trees suitable for photoshoot.

Spade V, Baron, comes with the same 1:1 calling card and the insert tells the story of Baron who used to be a SAS sniper and now gangster. There is also a comic book which tells his story of him protecting his loved, Spade VI, Ada which I will not feature.

Removed Baron from the foams and you will see a stylized Jude Law with the intense look.

The shoe is really a masterpiece and so are all the accessories and clothes that come with this. So glad this isn't a licensed product and thus enjoying the below $200 price tag.

Remove the thermal jacket and again, it's a customized jacket with its own label. Baron below trying out his Glock 17 with his extended 33 round mag.

Baron's tattoo are on his hands and forearms. The one above reads "A soldier has to execute a command without question" while the bottom reads "Every sinner has a future". Profoundness at its best, if you ask me.

Other accessories that come along are the Oakley shades, bluetooth headset, sniper bag, camouflage raincoat, iPhone, Beanie hat and blue and red pen.

The shades and headset fits perfectly with full authenticity.

The jacket's details are amazing and there are even buttons that latch to elastic bands much like a real jacket

The iPhone is really well-done too and Ada is calling Baron.

The sniper rifle bag can be carried like a haversack or hand carried. The camouflage raincoat can be tucked onto the bag.

The SR-25 Stoner Sniper rifle is another masterpiece and the details put in are simply amazing.

It even comes with caps for the scope. 

Put on the camouflage gear and ready for action.

Again,  I really have to just break or damage something. Was trying to be ambitions to have Baron to prone on the  ground and with slightly more pressure, I have dislocated the upper and lower torso.

Luckily for me, repairing toys have been something rather common and this will be the last shot for the day. It's the end of Baron; for now.


deSMOnd said...

Everything here seems great except for the breakable torso :)

Jonloh said...

It's me lah. Dam Toys are damn solid one.