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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hot Toys Kylo Ren ... ...

I like to start by saying this is not mine. This is my son's first Hot Toys figure. My son has a strange (at least to me) liking for Kylo Ren. He is not a Sith but one of the Knights from the Knights of Ren. Trained under Luke Skywalker before he went all obsessed with idolizing Darth Vader.

There are many reasons I do not like Kylo Ren and it starts from his attire to his helmet to his face. Ok, I know there are among us many fans of Kylo and I shall not badmouth him anymore. Maybe there is 2 redeeming factors about Kylo and those are his powerful strength in the force and his lightsaber.
Packaging is the regular Hot Toys standards with the insert of Kylo Ren and the First Order Stormtroopers.

He comes with fists, lightsaber wielding hands, force left palm and open hands which can be used for force choke pose like the ones below. Hot Toys has done what Sideshow never did; light up the lightsaber. They cleverly included a switch out forearm which will hold the batteries in the forearm to lit the LED in the hilt.

The blade of the lightsaber can be switched out for the carry-around pose. There is a slot on the belt to hold the lightsaber in place.

Kylo was bad at making a good lightsaber, he is just as bad with fashion sense and you can see his costume is a complete project runway disaster.

Poseability of Hot Toys's Kylo Ren is very good. If I have more time, I would have done more than a kick. However, Kylo doesn't need to kick anyone. He is too power and as seen in the movie, he could even stop a blaster shot and have it held there in midair until he release it with just his mind.

The switch out forearm is on the right forearm and due to that Hot Toys included a zipper so the sleeve can be opened up for more space to switch the arm out. However, the pull tab of the zipper just made the whole figure worse.

Details on the helmet is as accurate as it should be for a Movie Masterpiece. The back of the helmet is homage to Darth Vader's helmet.

Ah, the lightsaber Kylo made is really like a primary school science project. I will skip the details of the lightsaber and much information can be found through google.

Time to switch the hands to light up the lightsaber. The zipper can be tricky and patience is required and the last thing you want is the pull tab to snap out of the zipper.

Light it up and it is indeed a sight to see a lightsaber light up on a 1/6 scale figure.

Turned off the light and I took the following shots without a tripod and so it's blurry but the main point of the shots is to show how bright the ligthsaber actually is.

All right, After the photoshoot, I have not change my perception of Kylo Ren. Although he is the grandson of Anakin AKA Darth Vader, he is nothing compared to Lord Vader. Though he may be more powerful.