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Friday, June 17, 2016

Flaming Hot Toys's Star Wars TFA Flame Trooper ... ...

It's really been quite a while and today we have with us the Flametrooper from the Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

This guy was featured early in the movie when Kylo seeked BB8 in the village of Tuannul on Jakku. They toasted everyone and everything that's in their path.
Packaging is as usual and I will cut to the chase and go straight to the pictures. You can find out more about the Flametrooper here.

Figure out of the box is rather chunky and that is probably due to the rubber suit and I do hope the suit will not give in to the humid climate of where I reside in.

The best articulation is the head and for this guy, he doesn't quite need the articulation as his poses are rather simplistic.

Grabbing his gears, he is ready to throw some flames.

Hot Toys has done what Sideshow fails; fantastic ankle joints which are sturdy for the figure to stand on his own with or without load.

This is really a movie masterpiece with all the authentic details and it makes a great display piece.

Hot Toys now gets onto the bandwagon of effects in their toys and yes, I do appreciate such little gimmicks.

Hey, how did the flamethrower work when the pressure is still at '0'?

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