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Monday, January 15, 2018

Climatic Impact ... ...

This couple of weeks have been extremely cooling in my sunny island of Singapore as it has been pouring non-stop. For those who aren't familiar with our climate; Singapore is not the toy haven for collectors as the humidity can be a toy collector's worst enemy.

My fellow toy collector friend recently had a rude shock when his Hot Toys Selina Kyle's faux leather started flaking. He asked if I want the figure and who is to say no to Anne Hathaway?

On the left is mine and the one on the right is from my friend. The flaking was very bad on the forearm sleeves. Some parts of the suit are strangely also deteriorating.

I took the figure and started to work on modifying the suit. I wanted to create a weathered look since the suit is already experiencing oxidization and deteriorating.

The flaking PVC on the boots and sleeves was scraped away. See the difference between the 2 boots.

Finished product above and time to suit up Catwoman.

Interestingly the effect looks pretty ok and I'm happy I have an extra figure to keep. I cannot imagine the rest of my Hot Toys that are made of the similar material. Best to stay in box for now.

Selina joins the rest of the crew. Erm... Scout Trooper needed a space and the Wayne Manor has always been rather spacious.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

how do you make those weathering effects? did you just peeled off the faux leather?
in need of help rn

Thank you