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Monday, January 15, 2018

From Very Cool to Very Hot (Grim Reaper)... ...

After having worked on Selina Kyle, I took at look at my Racing Suit Stark and I was kind of expecting this.

The rubber or PVC part of the suit was flaking very badly and I had to make a decision to strip the figure and throw the suit away.

So from Very Cool Robert Downey Jr....we have Very Hot Jason Stathom

I remembered I had bought the Very Hot Grim Reaper Pilot set and was out of bodies lying around the house.

Jason Stathom isn't my favourite actor but somehow I have a few of his heads. The Very Cool body is compatible with this head (can't remember which toy company).

Very Hot has never failed to provide good kitbashing sets and they have always delighted collectors with something extra or details in their sets.

The accessories are very generously provided and many of which aren't really necessary for the figure. This is the kind of details I talked about earlier.

Gloves!! My greatest kitbash nightmare but surprisingly, I had no issue this time and the gloves just slid on effortlessly.

The kit is completed in about an hour or so; together with phototaking, removing of certain layers due to error in sequence of the kiting process.

The main draw for me is the pilot helmet and I always wanted to get a 1/6 scale pilot.

The amount of work that goes into this at this scale is truly amazing and I did not break anything this time and with the respirator on, the pilot is all set to take off.

By the way, this is an actual or close replica of a pilot of the Strike Fighter Squadron 101. Read here too.

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