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Friday, August 17, 2007

A home away from home......

is where you place things which you have no space for at your actual home.

So, this is my office and these are my toys. By the way, it is not as if these are less important to me and that's why they are here. The main reason is I'm out of space at home and they actually came directly from the toy shop i.e. I did not take them home in the first place.

Cyber Units bought at the Takashimaya 10th Craziest Toy Sale in 2006.
Batman from various animation serious. Burger King Simpsons toys belongs to Freakazoid and they are definitely rare commodities.

Revoltechs out of their packaging. The complete Evangelion set in the first tier. Pat Labor and Getter1 in the second tier along with some Rockman candy toy and Microman Batman and Batgirl posing with Catwoman doing a kick.

This collection would be 5% of my collection. So where are the rest? Watch out for the subsequent entry.

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