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Friday, August 24, 2007

Wish came true but at a ........

price; not really a heavy one but significantly enough to knock some sense into.

Guess I was feeling the guilt of not heeding to advice rendered.

Was at a car showroom on 21th (one day away from the second COE bidding). The fear that COE will further increased due to the fact that it has been steadily climbing, I made the decision to confirm the purchase of the car.

I was at total disbelief the moment the COE result was announced at 4pm on the 22nd. It was a decreased of $1991 from $18001 to $16010. Well, I would still consider myself lucky cos the Cat A drop was the most drastic, a whopping $8883 (from $17001 to $8118)! Thank god I did not go with the Airwave.

Well, this is sort of a lesson for me to really pay attention to the advice given and especially when that someone constantly has a strong intuition about how things will turn out.......

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