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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not too long......

before I have to go into gear 1 for my toy collecting hobby as the WISH is taking a big chunk of my monthly expenses.

Well, gain some, lose some. Until then, let the buying continue!

Damage 1
eHobby's BT18, Rijie (Mirage) Electro Disruptor Mode (Invisibility).
eHobby does exclusives and limited editions of Transformers and they normally are more (much more) expensive.

The signature packaging of an eHobby toy and out of packaging, robot mode

Pix credits to eHobby, Japan
eHobby credits me for buying their product.

Damage 2
Wonderfest Revoltech Evangelion Special Edition.
One of the lucky few in Singapore to own this set..........(at a huge price tag though)

Damage 3
Revoltech - Evangelion
These are exactly the same as those in the Wonderfest Edition above but at half the price.
The only difference is that the Wonderfest edition comes with additional translucent figures and did I already mention that they are EXCLUSIVE?
The weapon set

Proto Type 00 and Test Type 01

Damage 4
Bandai HCM Pro Evangelion Test Type 01 with 'G' equipment set

Future Damage for the coming week

Yamato's Macross Zero - 1/60 scale SV-51 (Ivanov Type)

Fighter mode (above and below)

Gerwalk mode (simply sexily evil looking)

I just pray hard that 2008 would be a year of less 'poisonous' toys like those above....or else I need to find means to support this compulsive obsession of help me GOD.

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