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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The next level ... ...

of toy collecting as I mentioned before is modification which I have been doing lately. However, this is the biggest project yet. 

In the picture below is a Bandai's GQ (Gundam Quality) Blast Impulse like the predecessor, Metal Material Model (MMM) from Gundam Seed Destiny which was aired in 2004.  It is around the scale of 1/100, however, the joints are all metal, which explains the name of this product. 

I left this displaying in a shelf and over the years, the plastic turned yellow and so I decided to do a little modification to give it a make over.

Poor Blast Impulse, looking discoloured and sad. Noticed some parts are still white? Those are actually painted and so it did not turn yellow. Well, this piece was $80 and thus, explained the inferior material used.

Some WIP pictures, tools needed
1. 2B pencil
2. Pilot Twin Marker
3. Gundam Marker
4. Screw driver
5. A glass of water

A closer shot of what was done. Shield and head completed and working on the upper torso. 

Upper torso done and working on the hips and legs next. The only part I did not paint is the Core Splendor (the plane). 

The completed product. I'm calling this Commando Blast Impulse, suitable for jungle warfare. Decided to paint over the white parts as well as it did not go well with the camouflage scheme.

A close up and you can see that the paint was not applied very professionally. Well, considering I've spent about 7 hours on this, I'm quite pleased with myself.

Back view. Almost every exposed part is painted and I did try to manage the colour combination if it is obvious to anyone.

Oops, I did not paint the back of the shield because I do not think that it is necessary. Looks like I am getting the hang of doing this level of modification and perhaps will invest in better or more sophisticated equipment like an airbrush to really do this properly.


Shaun said...

The discolouration is really bad on this piece, but it was a good toy for its time. Good effort on the repaint!

Jonloh said...

Thanks Bro.
Yes, I have a total of 5 pieces. 2x Blast, 2x Sword and 1x Force. 2 of the 4 displayed have shown discolouration. Savaged one. The MMM Strike however, did not show any discolouration and it's much older.

Shaun said...

hey Jon, here's the post about enamel washing, as promised:

Jonloh said...

Thanks Shaun. Will attempt it on the Astray. But I need to get it first.

Shaun said...