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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Turbuler Power ... ...

in terms of the price in the SHFiguarts latest vehicle series for Kamen Rider Double - "The Turbuler Unit"; this is what you get when Japanese does the naming.

It arrived in an inconspicuous carton box packaging but collectors know what's the content with the text on the box.

The packaging of the Turbuler Unit is an all black and white scheme. I find it classy and noticed the "Tamashii Collectors' Shop" sign at the lower left corner. That explains the price (didn't know prior to pick up).

Back of the packaging is the same colour scheme with a stand down mode of the unit. By the way, it does not come with Hardboiler.

The limited edition notice

Everything is housed in a single tray with 6 parts altogether and in my opinion; cheap plastics. Very bootleg kind of feel.


You will need to own Hardboiler to attach the unit together to form the Turbuler mode for flight.

HeatJoker taking it for a spin

Verdict: Nothing spectacular about the Turbuler unit except if you REALLY want it. The price-tag for this is way too high and unjustifiable even by my standards.

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