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Friday, February 4, 2011

Sinanju Spirit ... ...

This purchase was obtained in Hong Kong and was again like many other purchases; accidental. Anyway, this from my limited information is from Unicorn Gundam animation series.

Standard Robot Spirits packaging and it is priced at quite a premium value above my other Robot Spirits purchases.

The figure does not stand well on its own especially with the boosters attached at the back. A Stage stand is a must.

Some gimmicks include the fins and boosters opens simultaneously on a single flip.

The Sinanju packs a whole load of armaments and it makes this mecha a formidable foe to the Unicorn.

I did not exactly follow the series nor have I read the comic so I do not have too much background knowledge about the Sinanju. However, I believe episode 2 has just been released and its like taking months for one episode to be aired.

Anyway, back to the figure and its weapons, this guy has beam rifles to beam sabers to beam axes on top of gatling guns and grenade launcher. The following pictures has Sinanju showcasing all of them.

All right, bottom line:
This figure is a fantastic display piece with great paint job and decent articulation. A whole list of accessories provides one with multiple combinations in terms of display options. In short; it's a great buy and if you can pick it up from outside the shores of Singapore, you should not hesitate.

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