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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Brit Force ... ...

Over the weekend, I've picked up one of my remaining orders for 1:6 scale military men. British Special Force by Toys City.

The packaging is somewhat disappointing but again it makes throwing much easier.

Figure out of the box comes with the tactical vest on and the head sculpt is Captan Price which is much needed for my 22nd SAS Regiment outfit. 

Kitting this guy up is not too much of a hassle unlike my last experience which kind of killed the joy of this hobby.

Final touch includes the cigar which I find a tad too long compared to the promo picture.

Last check on the tactical plan and ready to be fully suited with the balaclava and the Sordin radio set.

The S-10 gas mask provided comes with magnifying lens which somehow looks slightly weird as compared to the one from Loading Toys' 22nd SAS gas mask.

Lastly, is the PVS-21 NVG which is one of the best that I've collected so far.

So, do I like this figure, Yes I do and will I change my mind about slowing down or stopping this genre. I guess it's pretty much decided.

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