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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Green Faces Navy Seals ... ...

released by Toys City featuring the head sculpt of what many are calling Matthew Fox from Lost. However, it kind of resemble Sam Worthington (Jake Sully) of Avartar. Anyway, let's move on to take a look at this amazing set.

The packaging is the kind which you do not want to simply discard immediately as some thought has been put in such as box sleeve and removable trays and rooms to store the figure semi-kitted.

Figure out of the box and the woodland BDU brings back memories of days during my national service. The boots are moulded so do not expect too much of an ankle movement here.

Putting all following on was quite a task

Woodland SEAL custom LBV-88 vest
Olive drab 1476A 3-day assault pack
Olive drab 1195A harness
Olive drab LC-2 M-16 mag pouch
Olive drab LC-2 1L canteen & pouch
Olive drab 0902A butt pack
Black SABRE radio pouch
Olive drab strobe pouch
Olive drab compass pouch
Olive drab MG ammo pouch
Olive drab tri-mag leg drop
Olive drab duty belt

After hours of struggling, the result is more than satisfying.

The rest of the kit includes

Woodland bonny hat
Jet dive fin
Mesh semi-finger gloves
SABRE radio
LITE II head set & TEA PTT
M18 smoke grenade
M67 frag grenade
Military pace-counter
UDT life preserver

M4A1 assault rifle
M1911A1 automatic pistol
SOG combat knife
M72 LAW 

My favorite bit of this kit is the fully functional (except the firing) M72 LAW (Light Anti-armor Weapon).

This is an excellent set with a generous load of accessories. However, I may have hit the peak for this genre of collection as I feel it is taking too much of my time. I have a few pre-orders of 1:6 scale military men and perhaps if nothing fancy comes along, I may call it quits for after those.

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