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Saturday, October 8, 2011

15th Craziest Toy Sale ... ...

at Takashimaya returned yet again this year at the end of July and I managed to catch up with some of the buying frenzy and snagged myself some of the better buys at the sale.

And here they are

Captain Lock which was a OG exclusive.. price at the sale? $10

Battered boxes but at a cheap price ($20 for the Alvaaron and $12 for GN Archer)... why not?

These Robot Spirit figures were at a very sweet price ($30)... I remembered I paid a good $60 for this 00-Raiser.

Thank goodness I didn't pay the original price as I held back buying when they (the double 0s) were first released... price at the sale... $25 each

Just found this nice and so I bought it at $15 I think...

Finally, got myself Momotaro... 

Erm...this wasn't from the sale but a Robinson sale at Expo...only $15!!

G3&G4 (at $40, of course they were snapped up!)was only available on the first day and perhaps during the morning restock period of the first week. I managed to have this when someone let it go online.

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