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Saturday, September 28, 2013

17th Takashimaya Craziest Toy Sale ... ...

and it ends tomorrow. On the first day, which was last Saturday, I just happened to be there as I have totally given up hope in getting anything fantastic from this sale. Anyway, my theory of toy buying is "Don't buy now, regret later." So, if I missed it the first time; it's because I don't like the item that much.

So, why the following purchases? See the prices that I paid for them.

 SIC Kiwami at $5 each

Diend figure at $10 with Ganbaride card

Decade Belt with 10 Ganbaride cards at $20

Robot Tamashii Unicorn Gundam at $25

SIC Kiwami figures have very little diecast content and it's about 3.75" tall. However, they are very well made with interchangeable hands. I've got myself Blade and Blade Jack Form and that's about all that interest me in that basket.

Next, is an action figure form the Kamen Rider Decade series and actually had bought this for my son but I didn't realised I had already bought one months ago. So, I'm keeping it for myself. It comes with a Ganbaride card which I can use for my Decade belt.

I have not collected toys of such quality already but I'm pleasantly surprised by its articulation.

The following item is the Decade belt which can never fit me but I just had to get it for its fun factor.

It comes with lights and sound and each time you put in rider from the past series, it will has theme music of the rider and the belt will read out the name of the rider. That's geeky cool.

Lastly is the Unicorn Gundam which was already the last and final piece. And did I mention it's the first day of the sale?


deSMOnd said...

bro.i like the way you pose the figure's do you balance it?

Jonloh said...

I simply use the figure's own CG to balance itself.