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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hot Toys Cosbaby Hall of Armor ... ...

is so cute this set doesn't fit in any of my display case.

I figured I create what looks like Tony's workshop in Malibu Point with these babies.

Packaging here is good enough for display with Tony and his 7 suits clearly displayed.

Slide out the content and you'll realized that the Hall of Armor is made of paper which have been very well-crafted. Each suit comes with a stand and that stand combined with the paper hall of armor makes quite a display.

Let's throw in some lighting effects.

I just noticed that I've mixed up the position for Mark VI and Mark VII. The picture below is how they should have been placed.

The figures have very limited articulation but top marks in terms of details. The following pictures will have Mark I all the way to Mark VII.


deSMOnd said...

great score bro..cos i never own a cosbaby series..haha..

Jonloh said...

Haha Des, honestly, I didn't see myself getting these but as a set and with the hall of armor? I'm sold.