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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Macross 30th Anniversary VF-1 in its Full Glory ... ...

 I left off the last time with the labels untouched and today, I couldn't help myself to get to work.

It took me about a few hours as I took my time to ensure I get the best effect I want. It was quite a task to apply the labels one by one; steady hands apply.


30 years of Macross and each series and OVA is proudly displayed.

The toughest piece has to be the one above as it came in 3 parts see below (label no. 15, 16 and 17) However, label 16 needed another cut in the center as the area where the label is to be applied is uneven. Cutting isn't a problem but after you have dipped it into the water and removed it from the paper backing; it is!

After some time, the 30th Anniversary labels are applied but I skipped the avionics technical labels

After the earlier experience, I was prepared and cut the label before dipping it into the water.

Ok, I didn't really want to transform it when any of those labels could just peel off but I really have to as there's one more piece of label to apply and it can be applied only in Battroid mode.

That is the piece there; the blast shield over the cockpit.

However, the label didn't survive the transformation back into fighter mode. It was ripped apart the moment the blast shield slided under.

Yamato, or rather Arcadia made some improvements in the overall presentation of the battroid mode which rectified previous issues with securing the head and the arms with attachments seen below.

arm attachments to hold the armpit in place above and below, a much improved neck attachment.

Arcadia even added a new cockpit gimmick where in the series, the pilot was seen emerging from the top of the battroid. 

A closer look at the new parts (at least to me) below.

It even came with a rather cheapo acrylic display stand. Well, I've seen better display stands and oh yah, they retail at $60 each. 


deSMOnd said...

its really a pain in the ass when applying the small labels on the figure..

Jonloh said...

Yup and I thought everything was tempo printed.