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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Perfect Testament Gundam ... ...

The Strike and Testament are 2 Gundams from the Seed Destiny series which dates back a couple of years.

These are both from Robot Tamashii and at $70 per piece, I really don't regard them as toys.

I've always like the Strike form and subsequent Gundams have adopted this design like AGE1. I already has quite a variation of Strikes but this set appeals to me with its generous offering of armaments.

The figure itself is highly articulated due to the body frame and lots of poses are possible.

Appreciate the inclusion of a display stand and robots look best when they are supported to create the illusion of flight.

The Perfect Strike comes with Aile, Sword and Launcher Striker all in one and thus the 4 extra battery pack attached.

It's dubbed the Perfect Strike as it takes the 3 forms of Strike all in one go as compared to the earlier version when Kira Yamato first piloted it. The first Strike can only take one form at a time with it's striker packs delivered to it.

Details to what it packs can be found here 

There's a second "Schwert Gewehr" Anti-Ship Sword which is a larger version of it and boy I love robots with huge swords.

Strike stripped of his armaments as it receives some extra parts from Testament Gundam

The ZGMF-X12A (RGX-00) Testament is a Mobile Suit developed by the ZAFT and later stolen by the Earth Alliance. It appears in the manga series Gundam SEED Destiny Astray and is piloted by Ash Gray and later by professional MS pilot, Kaite Madigan.  When piloted by Kaite, it ditched the pistol and uses the revolvers with the bayonet.

Above, you see Strike wielding the "Trikeros" offensive shield system. It is a large shield which wraps around the right arm and mounts five claws, a beam gun, a retractable sword blade. It has anti-beam coating and is also equipped with VPS armor. 

Below, it's the AQM/E-X05 Divine Striker. A Striker Pack which serves as a high-mobility flight system similar to the Aile Striker but with improved performances, and is capable of forming a giant grappling claw. It is also equipped with VPS armor.

All right, let's return the 2 systems to Testament and it looks better coordinated on it anyway. Allow Testament to show you how they work.

I really enjoyed the articulation Robot Tamashii's figure offer and not to mention its impeccable quality as well. However, I have to be discerning with my purchases as these guys are really expensive and I doubt they will survive till the 18th Craziest Takashimaya Toys Sale.


deSMOnd said...

Great articulation and lots of weapons to pose with..nice..

Jonloh said...

Yes, these guys are nice but they are getting more and more pricey. It is more so with the exclusives.