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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Walk in Peace, Snake ... ...

Marking 25th anniversary of Metal Gear Solid, Revotech has its version of Solid Snake from the 2010 game, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.

Opening the figure, I needed to dismember Snake due to all the plastics sheets in between the joints.

Snake here comes in its iconic sneaking suit that's futuristic yet ironically, he also has strapped on a set of deuce gear to hold ammos and weapon. Revoltech has also addes rolling ball action for the left eyeball. The visible neck joint is bit of a sore-eye apart from the rest of the proprietary Revoltech joints on the shoulders.

Let's get Snake to show off some of his gears. First up is the hanging grips which he will use to scale fences or any other structures.

Here's the iconic carton box which he will hide in but I've decided not to fix it up.

The classic assault rifle and stun rod below

Managing a kick pose with Revoltech figure is a challenge and the occasion draft of wind isn't helping.

Lastly is the pistol with the silencer attached.

The figure comes with the iconic "!" and "Zzz" marks which works better with the carton box mentioned earlier.

Here's another thing I can't accept about this figure is there's only one pistol holder given which has the pistol fastened in. 

It will take a true blue Revoltech fan to appreciate a Revoltech rendition of its figure given the fact that the joints can be a tad loose and difficult to manage poses.

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deSMOnd said...

You can rotate the eye balls even for this small figure..interesting!!